What is a Mayura?

Handcrafted, the Mayura was born after two years of intensive research, this melodic percussion steel is called Handpan.

From the family of intuitive instruments, and still new in the world of music, this captivating sound sculpture is accessible by all and requires no musical pre-requisites, it will also satisfy the confirmed musicians, as we already have some virtuosos.

It offers a range of vibratory possibilities, percussive, harmonics quite unique and is also often used for music therapy care.

The Mayura can be made in many scale from C#3 to E5, higher notes can be added with harmonic to the third or double octave, custom after study of the desired scale.

All instruments have undergone anti-corrosion treatment and are delivered with a cleaning product and a microfiber cloth.

What is the meaning of mayura?

In Sanskrit, Mayura means Peacock, this bird has often reminded me of the layout of Handpan and its metallic colors.

In a more spiritual and mythological way, the Peacock, close to the Phoenix, embodies immortality, resurrection. My professional retraining in the crafting of this wonderful instrument is like a rebirth, a new form of freedom. This difficult art pushed me to the edge and taught me a lot about myself.

Each creation is like a part of my soul that I infuse to the instrument,
when this cold matter becomes life and music.​


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